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用户评论Android Data Backup&Restore

对Android Data Backup&Restore软件发表评论。




2019-03-17 15:45:17

Easy to use

First time using this app and felt very easy for new user like me


2019-03-13 08:21:20

Simple Steps

I really love its simple operations, just several steps help me to back up my data. Now I can move them to my new mobile!


2019-03-11 14:06:26

Restore My Backup

This software restored the former backup that I had cleaned up by mistake. By the way, it restored fast.


2019-03-01 16:04:03

Such Simple Operations!

The operations are so simple! Just a few minutes I made the data backup and moved them to my cloud storage!


2019-02-09 22:31:05

Trusted app

I've been using the app for half a year now and it never stop to satisfy me


2019-01-23 20:01:37

Easily Made a Backup

Hey, this guy easily helped me back up my files so that I won't suffer losing data again. By the way, its iOS data recovery is useful too.


2019-01-01 19:06:32

Quick Backup Time

This software is so amazing. Just a few minutes, all of my contacts, photos, and videos etc have backed up.


2018-11-27 10:12:40

Amazing Operations!

I have to say this software is so amazing that it helps me get back my data and restore the backup in my phone quickly. That's really cool!


2018-11-11 06:38:32

Worth it

So simple and quick, nice app!


2018-11-09 16:35:40


Just backed up my samsung S9 data. worked perfectly, thank you

Eric Erwin

2018-05-19 10:31:16

Helpful software

It's so help for me to backup data from my phone.

Donna Roland

2018-04-10 15:43:19


This software offers a fast way to back up my important files.

Shirley West

2018-02-07 21:05:23


I use this software to make a copy of my contacts. And I find it can restore contacts to a new Android phone. Great!

Charles Bayne

2018-01-24 11:43:11

Backup is done

I used the free trial version to backup my data. But the restore function needs the full version.

David Burton

2017-12-09 14:20:32

Not bad

It will be useful if you want to transfer your contacts to a new phone.


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